Penelitian Komposisi Kimia, Jenis Bahan Mentah Dan Kualitas Pasta Kapur Untuk Proses “Liming”

Koentoro Soebijarso
Journal article Journal of Leather, Rubber, and Plastics • 1997

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


The ain of this research was to determine the chemical composition, kind of raw material and the quality of paste of lime-water, for liming process in the limeyard within a tannery. Paste of lime water was produced by adding a quantity of water to lime in the pit. Samples was taken from the pits, after the hydration reaction was completed. The lime-paste was immersed in water to avoid natural carbonization reaction with carbondioxide in the air. The samples paste lime-water soon analysed. It was concluded that the paste of lime-water composed mainly of 12.75% CaO and 15.81%MgO wet basis. The pH of the saturated lime-water solution was 12.5. The raw material used was dolomite limestone. The quality of paste of lime-water was suitable for liming process.