Laju Penempelan Teritip Pada Media Dan Habitat Yang Berbeda Di Perairan Kalianda Lampung Selatan

M. Awaluddin Fajri • Heron Surbakti • Wike Ayu Eka Putri
Journal article Maspari Journal • July 2011 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Barnacle is one of destructive organism of onshore buildings made from wood. Research of “attached rate of barnacle with different media and habitat in kalianda waters,South Lampung” was held at April until May 2010. The aim of this research are to know the attached rate of barnacle at timber, iron and cement, and to know the influence of habitat against the attachment rate of barnacle with different media. Data were analyzed using ANOVA to test the average of 2 or more samples that differ significantly or not. The results showed that the most media who attached barnacles are timber with average attached rate of 230 barnacles/2 months and the most habitat overgrown with barnacles are habitat of seaweed with average attached rate of 656 barnacles/2 months.