Penguatan Cahaya Pada Bagan Menggunakan Reflektor Kerucut Sebagai Upaya Meningkatkan Hasil Tangkapan Cumi-cumi (Light Strengthening on Lift Net with Conical Reflectors to Squid Catch Improvement)

Supriono Ahmad • Gondo Puspito • M. Fedi A. Sondita • Roza Yusfiandayani
Journal article Marine Fisheries • November 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Study of light strengthening on lift net with conical reflectors was conducted in Kao Bay waters. Three units of lift net were operated 14 nights at the full moon condition. Every lift nets were completed with three different kind of lamp cover, called tudung, reflector αr23,3o and αr32,6o. Fishing operation time of lift net were divided into two intervals of time i.e 20.00-01.00 and 01.00-05.00 WIT (East Indonesian Timezone). Total yield of lift net with reflector αr23,3o was 5.774 kg (41,45%), while that of the lift net with reflector αr 32,6o was 4.977 kg (35,72%), and that of total yield of the lift net with tudung was 3.180 kg (22,83 %). Fishing operation time of lift net at 01.00-05.00 WIT (East Indonesian Timezone) produced 12.661 kg (91 %) weight of total catch, higher than fishing operation of lift net at 20.00-01.00 am that produced 1.270 kg (9 %) weight of total catch. However, statistical analysis concluded that design of the reflector did not significantly affect the catch per trip (Pvalue > 0,05) while fishing time significantly affected the catch per trip (Pvalue < 0,05).