Pola Gangguan Fungsi Organ Pada Pasien Geriatri Di RSUD Koja Jakarta, Periode Juli 2001 – Juni 2005

Santoso M. • Kusdiantomo Kusdiantomo • Stefanie Rs
Journal article Maranatha Journal of Medicine and Health • 2007 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


Geriatric is a medical science where concerned to the ederly problems consist of clinical problem, remedial, prevention and social aspect of the diseases. According to WHO South East Asia Regional office geriatric patient is the patient whose 60 years old or more and Indonesia also adopted the WHO criteria. The aim of this research is to study the distribution of organ disfunction occur in the ederly people. Material and methode: This research was done by cross sectional methode and patients was collected from Koja Hospital during 1 July 2001 – 30 June 2005 periode. The result : There was 620 geriatric patients have been collected with organs disfunction data. The distribution of organ disfunction  in the male is 50,32%  and 49,68% in the female group. The group of patient hospitalized with unable letter 78,55% and 21,45% none (Without unable letter from government institution). The distribution of cerebral vascular diseases 31,13%, and 26,45% with pulmonary diseases, 21,61% with heart diseases and 20,81% with renal diseases. The most prevalence of cerebral disfunction in those  geriatric patients is non hemorrhagic stroke (46,11%), in pulmonary diseases is COPD (51,22%), in the hearth diseases is decompensated heart (47,01%), and the most prevalence in renal diseases is chronic kidney diseases (46,51%).




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