Elizabeth and the Great Forest (Series 1) Elizabeth and the Strange Island (Series 2)

Bernadeth Febyola Linando • Budi Darma
Journal article K@ta • 2016

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(English, 8 pages)


Children literature is one way to deliver important moral values to children all over the world. Therefore, I made Elizabeth and The Great Forest (Series 1) and Elizabeth and The Strange Island (Series 2) as my creative work for the final project. In those two books, I want to bring up some issues which are; technology cannot replace direct interaction between people, fears are not supposed to be avoided but to be faced, and mother-daughter relationship is the most important relationship. The first book will focus on technology that damages a girl's social life and a girl's bravery in overcoming her own fears. The second book will focus on mother-daughter relationship with sub-theme: overcoming the characters' own fears. Through the girl's journeys, she will finally realize that technology cannot replace human interaction, people need to overcome their own fears, and mother-daughter relationship is the most important relationship ever in her life.