Makna Hijrah Pada Mahasiswa Fikom Unisba Di Komunitas (Followers) Account LINE@DakwahIslam

Erik Setiawan
Journal article Mediator: Jurnal Komunikasi • 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


: Nowadays, communication technology has become a human need, almost all human beings can not be separated from the gadget that contains instant messenger application. One of the busiest instant messaging applications in use in Indonesia is LINE. LINE is a free instant messaging app and now also can be categorized as a social media because it has a timeline feature as a container for sharing status, voicemail, video, photos, contacts and location information. The feature is also used by several accounts to preach. Dakwah phenomenon through social media, especially among young people attract researchers to see the uniqueness of the students of Faculty of Communication Studies Unisba. Those who study in public faculties who try to istiqamah in the process of emigration which still looks flexible and remain "literate" technology, but do not forget the nature as muslimin who do the process of moving to a better life, doing tollabul ilmi (seeking knowledge), especially the science of religion , Still follow the science especially technology, where it is through the progress of media convergence that is the beginning of curiosity and practice the Islamic lifestyle through hijra.