Microgrid Development Using a Grid Tie Inverter

Hartono Budi Santoso • Budiyanto Budiyanto
Journal article Makara Journal of Technology • December 2013

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(English, 7 pages)


The use of renewable energy sources (RES), especially photovoltaic (PV), to meet the demand of electrical energy has been  getting  a  great  deal  of  attention  as  an  alternative  solution  to  electrical  energy  deficit  problems.  RES  are  being applied  in  power  systems  in  a  variety  of  configurations  including  microgrid  systems.  One  of  the  characteristics  of  a microgrid  is  capability  to  supplying  power  to  grid  when  there  is  an  excess  power  to  supply  local  load.  This  research examines  the  chances  of  saving  power  consumption  from  grid  using  power  converters  grid  tie  inverter  (GTI)  in  a microgrid configuration. The test is done by using a zero load and power distribution methods. Test results show grid tie GTI  capable  of  supplying  electrical  power  to  grid  up  to  98%  of  the  input  power  converter.  In  the  microgrid configuration power USAge from grid can be reduced up to 91%, which should be supplied from the grid to load.




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