Islam Liberal Dan Ancaman Terhadap Pemikiran Ahl Sunah Waljamaah

H. A. Kadir Sobur
Journal article Miqot • 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 20 pages)


: Liberal Islam and its Threat against the Thought of Ahl Sunah Waljamaah. This paper attempts to tries to prove the declaration and tries to clarify the conflicts and threats to understand Ahl Sunnah waljamaah. Although the presence of Liberal Islam seems to have brought with it new thing, but it is by no means new phenomenon. The agendas of Liberal Islam groups are extensions of the western imperialism against the Islamic world during the last two or three centuries. However the form was no longer exposed, but it takes the name of Islam for granted. So, the term “Liberal Islam” is not a cooincidence, but a term chosen deliberatly to reduce the suspicion of moslems and also to enthrone itself that “Liberal Islam” is part of Islam, just as the types of other Islamic understanding. The author concludes that Liberal Islam is western civilization articulated with language and Islamic idioms. Islam is only the cover or packaging, but the essence is western ideology and civilization.





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