Islam, Etnisitas, Dan Politik Identitas: Kasus Sunda

Abdul Syukur
Journal article Miqot • 2011

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 20 pages)


:Islam, Ethnicity and the Politics of Identity: The Sundanese Case. In the framework of structural-functionalist thought, society is depicted to constitute from structures belonging to separate function that create harmonious equilibrium based on social solidarity founded in collective norms and values. Accordingly, the Sundanese community is also bound by their communal cultural values received through their ancestors. The majority of the Sundanese are Muslims which indicate that their social culture originates from, or in line with, the values of Islamic teachings that led to the expression that “Sunda is Islam”. The fact that there exist groups of Sundanese who are non-Muslim but they still belong to and convicted to be Sundanese show the shortcomings of the above-mentioned model of thought. This writing is an attempt to discuss “Sunadanese Is Islam” discourse by utilizing identity theory as an ethnic category, problems and implication that minght be drawn there in.





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