Social Engineering on Mangrove Preservation Based on Fishermen's Local Wisdom

Edy Suyanto • Sotyania Wardhiana • Fx Wardhiyono • Hendri Restuadhi
Journal article Mimbar: Jurnal Sosial dan Pembangunan • 2017

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(English, 7 pages)


Kampung Laut Segara Anakan is a mangrove forest area which has a wealth of biodiversity and ecotourism. For a couple of years, mangrove forest has suffered the destruction caused by the lack of wise (immanent) and not transcendent. It is necessary to conduct social engineering in form of revitalization of mangrove management to cope with the decrease in mangrove ecosystems. The objective of this study is to explore issues among fishermen about environmental management in mangrove forests management to embody innovative village. The method used is a combination of qualitative and quantitative with a purposive sampling technique. The research sites conducted in two villages. The objects of this research are the fishermen communities, NGOs, Community Association of Fishermen, village authorities, and environmental Pioneer activists. The results show that the awareness of fishermen to the existence of mangrove forest is relatively low, Kampung Laut local wisdom has undergone changes due to sedimentation and lifestyle.




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