Kadar Zat Gizi Beras Dan Nasi Lima Varitas Padi Unggul

Dewi Sabita Slamet • Muhammad Enoch • J. Krisdinamurtirin • Mien K. Mamud • Ignatius Tarwotjo
Journal article Nutrition and Food Research • 1971

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


Kadar zat gizi beras dan nasi lima varitas padi unggul (The nutrient contents of raw and cooked rice of five high-yielding varieties). The nutrient contents of five high-yielding rice varieties namely PB S (IRRI 5), PB 8 (IRRI 8), C4-63, Dcwi Ratih and Shinta, did not differ significantly, except the protein content of C4-63 which was 9%, the highest. Processing of rice by milling, pounding, and pounding followed by parboiling had little influence on the nutrient content. Cooking of rice did not cause substantial reduction of nutrient content, except vitamin Bl.




Nutrition and Food Research

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