Analisis Strategi Pemasaran Doc Pedaging pada PT X Unit Bali

Budi Rahayu Tanama Putri
Journal article Majalah Ilmiah Peternakan • 2007 Indonesia


PT X of Bali Unit is one of the companies in marketing of broiler DOC (Day Old Chicks). In the high competition of marketing, the company has to apply the right strategy to increase their own market share. The aims of this study are analyzing the internal and external factors faced by the company, setting up and recommending appropriate plan and strategy for the marketing of DOC at PT X in Bali. The study was conducted at PT X of Bali Unit, and some data sampling has been taken from broiler chicken breeders and animal husbandry scientists in Bali. The internal and external factor analysis and IE Matrix were used in this study. Based on the internal and external factor analysis and IE matrix, there are some alternative strategies suggest to the company : 1) Carry out a marketing research; 2) Carry out a marketing promotion; 3) Reanalyzing the partnership system.




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