Pengaruh Pemberian Ekstrak Kunyit Pada Anak Babi Yang Menderita Colibacillosis

I. Nengah Kerta Besung
Journal article Majalah Ilmiah Peternakan • 2009


Colibacillosis is one of diseases in piglets coused by Eschericia coli (E.coli), and commonly antibiotica therapy to used preventively that diseases. The present study was conducted to observe that effect of turmeric (Curcuma longa), as a alternative drugs on therapy of collibacillosis. Twelve of piglets with colibacillosis diseases were devided in to three groups, each group consisted of four piglets. First group was the negative control group without treatment of sulphonamides and turmeric too, the second group was the turmeric extract treatment and the last group was the colibacillosis piglets treated with sulphonamides. Analisis of variance was to analysed of data from diarrhea occurrence and a total of E. coli bacteria. Effect of turmeric and sulphonamides on colibacillosis of all piglets was detected at fifth days, with suppressed of diarrhea occurrence and the reduced of total of E.coli bacteria. The result of this study showed that turmeric has potential alternative drugs for treatment a colibacillosis in piglets.




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