Implikasi Yuridis terhadap Pengawasan Perda dalam Konteks Negara Kesatuan Republik Ndonesia

Retno Saraswati
Journal article Masalah-Masalah Hukum • 2012


Local Government in carrying out his government given the authority to establish regional regulation. On the other hand a lot of local regulations by the central government canceled due to conflict with higher laws, contrary to the public interest, leading to high cost economy and hamper access to people's economy. This happens as a consequence of the shape our country is a unitary state, where the central government has the right to exercise control over local regulations established by the region. The implication is that the cancellation regulations, then the area should revoke the relevant regulations and if violated, the sanction in the form of suspension or withholding the General Allocation Fund (DAU), as well as the loss in terms of both time and financial, on the other hand in the formation of the regulations to be careful not to be canceled by the central government.




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