Hubungan Antara Hukum Dan Masyarakat Sebagai Pijakan Politik Hukum Nasional

A. A. Kt Sudiana
Journal article Masalah-Masalah Hukum • 2012 Indonesia


The face of Indonesian law in the development of reformation order at the moment is judged to be more and more confused and become a public attention which is highly argued through mass media, electronic media, and it is also being a topic in an academic activities. The law experts and observers has given their opinion that the law reformation that has been done is failed to give protection to people. Thus, any kind of suggestions that is encouraging should now is being revised of how we should viewed and understood the law. Intelligent and critical ideas rose to the surface to do acceleration in law renewal that is according to the development of social needs in society.




Masalah-Masalah Hukum

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