Pendekatan Keadilan melalui Silaisme dan Standarisasi Pidana (Penyusunan Pola Pidana)

So Woong Kim
Journal article Masalah-Masalah Hukum • 2013


“Sila” itself in Pancasila is misinterpreted, making it difficult to be actualized. Sila, properly interpreted as a doctrine/precept supported by freedom is referred as “Silaism”. Silaism needs to be supported by the standardization of sanction, considering within the practice of the criminal law system, sanction occupies a central position. Both the KUHP (Criminal Code) and the laws outside of KUHP regulates delict and sanction as one and both act more individually, where each delict has its own sanction. Sanctions may differ between the KUHP and laws outside of KUHP, thus bringing conflict between norms and disparities. Therefore, a new sanction standardization is needed. To achieve “Justice”, both Silaism and sanction standardization are vital.




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