Aspek Yuridis Keberadaan Agen dalam Model Branchless Banking di Sistem Perbankan Indonesia

Khanan Khanan • Pujiyono Pujiyono
Journal article Privat Law • June 2016 Indonesia


This study aims to determine the presence of the agents in the judicial aspect of branchless banking models in the Indonesian banking system and the protection of customers. This study uses prescriptive normative legal research. With the approach of legislation and conceptual approaches. Using primary and secondary sources of law. Mechanical collection of legal materials through the study of literature. Analysis of legal materials using deductive syllogism. Branchless banking is a service bank without branches, to enable people to conduct banking transactions without visiting a branch office with intermediary agents. One of branchless banking services, namely the Layanan Keuangan Digital (LKD) in the form of mobile phone accounts. LKD notch in the banking agent that replaces the function of a bank in the common people, especially people with middle class economics. Branchless banking in Indonesia can help banks to improve its function as an intermediary institution, but on the other hand can also pose risks in connection with third party involvement in the delivery of services. Thus, the bank must also provide protection to its customers, both preventive and repressive protection. Banks must also play an active role to educate the customer to understand the risks involved in LKD, the OJK as a regulator that banks should provide clear rules on protection against micro customers.




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