Faktor-faktor Bank dalam Memberikan Pinjaman Kredit dengan Jaminan Barang Komoditas

Mutiara Nur Hanifa • Pranoto Pranoto
Journal article Privat Law • June 2016


The objectives of this legal research issues concerning the factors used by the banks in providing loans with guarantee of commodity goods. The writing of this law is the legal research that is descriptive. Legal writing this using this type of approach to legislation. Types of data used are secondary data. In this study, data gathering technique used is to study library or study documents, data analysis technique used is explanatory research. Results of the study show that the commodity goods in a Fiduciary Guarantee legislation included in the fiduciary guarantee object, so in granting credit loans with guarantee of commodity items to watch out for with regard to the principle of prudence, the principle of trust, specified as a speciality, and the mechanism of granting credit focused on imposition and registration is warranties. Fiduciary guarantee in respect of the goods in the form of a number of commodity and its value can fluctuate, the bank as lender should provide oversight of actively and passively objects to the existence of the guarantee.




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