Fidusia sebagai Jaminan Pemberian Kredit di Pd Bpr Bkk Wonogiri Cabang Jatipurno

Dadik Abimanyu • Ambar Budhisulistyawati
Journal article Privat Law • June 2016


Guarantee that mostly used in BPR is for motor vehicles. With the guarantee gives assurance that the debtor is able to pay off debts . But still the risk of wanprestasi debitors cannot be avoided. Each BPR has its own way to cope wanprestasi debitors. This research is an empirical legal research carried out to find out how credit procedures with the fiduciary and the factors that affect the implementation of a credit agreement with a fiduciary in PD BPR BKK WONOGIRI Cabang Jatipurno. The result of study shows that credit procedures with fiduciary through the stages of the loan application, credit analysis, credit decisions, creation of credit agreements, fiduciary guarantee registration and execution of fiduciary. Internal and external factors may affect the implementation of the credit agreement with fiduciary guarantee. Based on the result of the research and the analyze is concluded that firstly, procedure of credit giving with fiduciary warranty is basically similar to other warrants, but the credit giving with fiduciary warrant after processes in regional company of people`s creditor of PD BPR BKK WONOGIRI Cabang Jatipurno, Fiduciary act must be made on head of notaries, then listed to fiduciary registration office. Secondly issues which are appeared, is basically caused by fiduciary warrant of moved things. So that the value of thing is that if it is due to warrant things in long period of time, the value will decrease over the time.




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