Letter of Credit (L/c) Sebagai Cara Pembayaran Transaksi Perdagangan Internasional Dalam Kerangka ASEAN Economic Community

Indah Puji Astuti Utami • Djuwityastuti Djuwityastuti • Anugrah Adiastuti
Journal article Privat Law • June 2016


This paper aimed and to provide considerations, the use of letters of credit (L/C) as a mean of payment in International trade transactions on the ASEAN economic community. This research is a prescriptive normative legal research. Letter of Credit set in the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documetary Credit 600 (UCP 600). Results The study concluded that, Letter of credit represents a mean of payment in International trade transactions. Payment using this credit is the safest and security for both parties, both parties are importing or exporting. Use of the L/C of import-export activities, particularly in the Asian region predicted will continue to increase due to the existence of regional economic groupings, such as the ASEAN economic community in the ASEAN region. Related to this, then the very suitable L/C are selected and applied as payment when the level of confidence in the beneficiary/applicant/exporter and importer and low-impact for the disadvantaged it high. In the future, in the activities of ASEAN in the region import export can use the L/C as a means of payment.




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