Perlindungan Hukum Franchisor Dan Franchisee Dalam Perjanjian Waralaba “Soto Segeer Mbok Giyem” Boyolali

Rizkinurannisa Rizkinurannisa • Adi Sulistiyono
Journal article Privat Law • June 2016 Indonesia


This study aimed to determine the form of legal protection for trademark holders to the culinary business in Indonesia and the reasons a franchiseein the franchise agreementon" Soto SEGEER mBok Giyem " did not get a legal protection. This study is a doctrinal or normative study which assemble of primary data and secondary data. Bussines opportunities included from franchise determined by Republic of Indonesia Government Regulation number 42 year 2007 about Franchise and Minister of Trade Decree number 12/M.Dag/Per/3/2006 about provision and procedures published letter of franchise bussines registrations. The resgitration od trademark from franchise have been registered in Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights based on President of Republic of Indonesia Act number 15 year 2001 about Mark. And than can given the other licenses to be used and precended by a agreement. Other than protection, trademark automatically protected by Trade Secret. But on the application, the protection has not been implemented according to the rules.




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