Pelanggaran Hak Asasi Manusia Terhadap Tahanan Teroris Dalam Program Penahanan Dan Interogasi Cia (Central Intelligence Agency)

Ashari Maulana Siregar • Chairul Bariah • Arif Arif
Journal article Sumatra Journal of International Law • 2016 Indonesia


Ashari Maulana Reza Siregar* Dr. Chairul Bariah S.H., M.Hum.** Arif S.H., M.H.*** Human rights being one important things and essential containing a set of minimum standards and procedural rules related relationship between humans applied in all aspects of human life. But, human rights abuses always happen from time to time, both light and heavy, such as terrorism which has killed many lives. The threat of terrorism make many parties launched efforts to fight it, as one conducted by the United States through Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by making Detention and Interrogations Program towards terrorist prisoners. But, the implementation of the program loaded with forms human rights abuses was done with the prisoners. On the basis of the violations we need to an academic study against it, one of which is through this paper. As for writing this paper used juridical normative approaching with putting the laws relating to the substance as centre for the study of and descriptive methods intended to present all the data relating to the substance. Data used in this writing is secondary data which is the data obtained from the library such as a legal instrument, book, internet, and others where the data collected by doing library research from various sources. In conclusion, in general human rights is important and essential thing and recognized universally, including in Indonesia, as evidenced by many legal instrument associated to human rights had produced and accepted by many countries. But, still there is threat of human rights such as terrorism, and in this case the United States through the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to fight terrorism, one of them is through Detention and Interrogations Program towards terrorists prisoners aims to detect and crack down on terrorism. But, the program would be controversy as of human rights abuses of terrorist prisoners occurs during the CIA's implementation of Detention and Interrogation Program, such as torture and inhuman treatment to other terrorist detainees, where the violation clearly had violated various legal instrument of human rights that require the responsibility from the involved parties.




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