Strategi Kebijakan Otonomi Daerah dalam Percepatan Pengarusutamaan Gender (Pug) Bidang Pendidikan

Rodiyah Rodiyah
Journal article Masalah-Masalah Hukum • 2012 Indonesia


Central Java Education Office Report (2007) shows the number of women illiteracy in districts is relatively higher, 16.41% disparity. Year 2008 PUG implement pilot education project in 9 Districts / Cities. Year 2009 budget for Education PUG 3,5 Billion to realize RPJMD on Justice Mission realization of gender equality.Not all SKPD II District has aggregated data. This situation complicates policy-making autonomy to accelerate PUG. PUG implementation of education has been done with related offices and even synergize the state institutions and Universities. Reality PUG data base implementation of education becomes important-the strategic moment as the basic text of the Academic as well as a basic draft regional regulation Gender Responsive education.




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