Problematika Posisi Buruh pada Perusahaan Pailit

Tri Budiyono
Journal article Masalah-Masalah Hukum • 2013 Indonesia


The company which is stated in bankruptcy, sometimes have to face crucial problem in accordance with employees' right to recieve sum of money, which is called normative rights. The Indonesian legal system has protected the employees' right by classifying the employees' wage as a privilege debt. However, in empiric manner the employees' rights are often ignored because another creditors have the right to pay previously than employees. In this condition, employees and their federation try to file the lawsuit in Constitution Court, to cancel the rule that weakens the employees' normative rights, but unfortunately employees' effort was fail. Nevertheless, Constitution Court sent ethical messages that is necessary social programs to cover the weakness of the law. Those ethical messages was addresed to the government. According to the ethical messages, the Government should have the improvement of legal rule in order to give a certainty of the employees' right.




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