Implementasi Perda 8 Tahun 2010 Tentang Pengalihan Bphtb untuk Meningkatkan PAD Kabupaten Jombang

Dwi Ermayanti


Regional autonomy has broad implications on the regional authority to explore and manage local revenue sources. Tax on Acquisition of Land and Building (BPHTB) is one source of local revenue. The BPHTB diversion becomes the local tax started by the policies formulation that set forth in Law No. 28, 2009 on Taxes and Retribution Regional. This study aims to determine the implementation of Law NO. 8 of 2010 on BPHTB to increase Jombang district PAD and determine the factors that affect the implementation of Law NO. 8 of 2010 on BPHTB, to improve Jombang district PAD. The conclusion of the study is the implementation of Regulation No. 8, 2010 on BPHTB diversion, succeeded in achieving its goal of increasing PAD in Jombang. The researchers hope to the Jombang District Government to emphasizes again the BPHTB Regional Regulation and create taxpayers policies for anyone violate the rules




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