Implikasi Hukum Terhadap Penyelenggaraan Bisnis Angkutan Real TIME Ride Sharinggrab Car Atas Pengundangan Peraturan Menteri Perhubungan Nomor Pm 32 Tahun 2016

Muhammad Husni Tamrin • Anjar Sri Ciptorukmi Nugraheni
Journal article Privat Law • November 2016 Indonesia


This article aims to analyze the legal implications arising from the operation of public transport based on a real time ride sharing in the online transportation business Grab Car on Regulation of the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Indonesia Number 32 Year 2016 on the Motor Vehicle Transport People with General Not in Route (Permenhub 32/2016 ). This research is a normative legal prescriptive. The provisions of Chapter IV Permenhub 32/2016 on the Implementation of Public Service by Using ApplicationsBased On Information and Technology has implications, those are illegal status for the implementation of the transport business based real time ride sharing and void by the legal contract that exists advance of the company's application with the driver's Car Grab a partner because does not meet the elements of a halal's reason on Article 1320 of Indonesian Civil Code.




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