Optimalisasi Manajemen Risiko Sebagai Upaya Preventif Risiko Hukum Pada Bank Penyelenggarabranchless Banking Di Indonesia

Zhaskia Ajeng Secioktaviany • Hudi Asrori
Journal article Privat Law • November 2016 Indonesia


The purpose of this paper is to analyze about the risks of branchless banking implementation in Indonesia, particularly its legal risk towards the bank and the risk management as its preventions. This legal research is prescriptive and based on norms, and the results showed that the branchless banking implementation in Indonesia, just like another financial services, the bank is also using risk management to manage the risks that could be happened between bank, agent and the customers. Branchless banking is a new method in Indonesia's financial industry, and its new method is using agents as the the third parties to give the customers a better and easier financial services. As the benefits of using agents is increasing, the risks of its implementation is increasing as well, and this is why the risk management is needed to prevent the bank from any potential disadvantages and also as a protection for the branchless banking customers. To follow the economic growth, the risk management is needed to be optimized so that all the parties in branchless banking implementation will get their rights and protections.




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