A Model Integrating Cultural Diversity Education Into the Accounting Curriculum in Higher Institution

Muslichah Muslichah • Wiyarni Wiyarni
Journal article WIGA: Jurnal Penelitian Ilmu Ekonomi • March 2017


Education is one of the elements of character formation anddevelopment of human beings. Cultural diversity education is aconscious effort to develop personality inside and outside school tolearn about the different kinds of social status, race, ethnicity, religionin order to create a good personality in dealing with issues of culturaldiversity. In this article we propose a framework of cultural diversityeducation in academic program for accounting students. The educationemphasizes knowledge of and interaction with other cultures andethnicities.Cultural diversity education and understanding of therelativity of cultural differences is a our growing sense and awarenessof the importance of respect, recognize and accept the diversity thatalready exist




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