Analisis Pemisahan Wewenang Pengawasan Lembaga Keuangan Perbankan antara Bank Indonesia dengan Otoritas Jasa Keuangan

Reza Fazlur Rahman • Adi Sulistiyono
Journal article Privat Law • June 2017 Indonesia


This article is aims to determine the basic consideration of supervision authority disseverance for banking financial institutions between Bank Indonesia with the Financial Services Authority. This research is normative law and applied using a statute approach and comparative approach. Sources of legal materials used include the primary legal materials and secondary law that using literature as a technique of collecting legal material. Technical analysis is the method of deductive syllogism. Based on the research result and the session generated the conclusion which is,first point, the provision of function diversion of the duties and authority for regulation and supervision of financial services activity in the sector of banking which is contained in the clause 55 verse (2) of Financial Services Authority Law.Second conclusion, Financial Services Authority and Bank Indonesia should must coordinate in making of supervision regulatory of the banking sector that expressed in the rule of clause 39 Financial Services Authority Law.




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