Kewenangan Otoritas Jasa Keuangan terhadap Ganti Kerugian Nasabah Bank yang Belum Dibayar Pihak Bank

Bahir Mukhammad • Asrori S, M.Hudi
Journal article Privat Law • June 2017


This article aims to know Bank rensposible for deposan customer compensation because of bank officer do violation of law. This type of research used by the authors to draw up legal research are doctrinal legal research. The author uses the approach of statue (statue approach), that is by analyze regulations which are related on cases pertaining who already have permanent legal force. Legal materials analysis techniques used by the author is to use legal reasoning by deduction. All activities of bank itself can pose a particular risks. Risks which may arise in banking operations include liquidity, market risk , credit risk , operational risk , and the risk of the owner or caretaker. The risk of the owner or caretaker often happens because of lack of maximum application of the prudence principle (prudence banking principle). Bank X sued by the plaintiff for violation of the law for the withdrawal of funds without permission of a plaintiff. Disbursement of funds done by a defendant III who is employees from the bank X. Based on Act 9 Part c UU OJK, it said that in carrying out supervisory duties Financial Service Authority (OJK) has authority of “supervise, examine, investigate, do consumer protection, and other action towards financial services institutions, doer, and/or supporting activities financial services as referred to in legislation in the services sector financial”. The existence of ojk as an institution supervisor in the financial sector is expected to protect consumers of an offender financial services considered can harm the interests of consumers, in this case the consumer bank.




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