Estimasi Populasi dan Habitat Tarsius Sumatera (Tarsius Bancanus Bancanus)

Andrios Sesa • Indra Yustian • Zaidan P. Negara
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Sains • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Remnant forests of PT. Suryabumi Agrolanggeng and surrounding traditional rubber plantations need to be managed as habitat for some wildlife as well as an important region for the company's activities. Tarsier which is one of the protected wildlife inhabit the area has the potential to become a "flagship species" in the frame of environmental management efforts of the Company. This study was aimed to estimate the ab-undance and habitat of tarsiers in such area. The study sites consist of forested area of PT. Suryabumi Agro-langgeng forests (study site-1) and the traditional rubber plantations managed by local people (study site-2). The estimated abundance of tarsier in both sites were respectively 0,25 ind/ha and 0,08 ind/ha. Plant species found are 18 species of 14 families and 23 species of 15 families. Potential number of insects as tarsier prey are 20 species of 14 families. SWOT analysis approach to internal and external factors showing High Conservation Values (HCV) of the forested area of PT. Suryabumi Agrolanggeng (study site-1) and could lead the determina-tion of the status of such area as a conservation area.




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