Metode Menggambar-menceritakan Gambar untuk Meningkatkan Prestasi Belajar Sains Siswa Kelas 4

Erma Kumala Sari
Conference paper Seminar Nasional XI Pendidikan Biologi FKIP UNS 2014 • June 2014 Indonesia


Science is one of the subjects of National Standard School Final Examination (UASBN) in SD/MI, hence the learning achievement of the subject determines the students' graduation. UASBN topics are taken from fourth until sixth grade materials so that science learning achievement of fourth grader needs more attention. But the fact is, based on the data of fourth grader in SDN ‘X' Yogyakarta, the average value for science is sequence to 9 of 11 subjects. Besides, the science average value is still lower than the minimum criteria for completeness (KKM) of science. For years, the method developing in school is the conventional method (Kumara, 2004; Brahim, 2007; Depdiknas, 2008), whereas science is a subject which needs skill of understanding, analyzing, and relating a phenomenon with other phenomenon (Depdiknas, 2007). The purpose of this research is to examine the capability of Menggambar-Menceritakan Gambar method to improve the fourth grader's science learning achievement. This research used a quasi experimental method with an “untreated control group design with pretest and posttest“. Science test was given for pretest and posttest. The intervention was applied for 10 sessions (3 sessions a week), which was held in 75 minutes. There were 32 partisipants, divided into two groups, experimental group (n=22) and control group (n=10). The data was analyzed by T-test. The gain-score was used for the analysis. The result of independent sample t-test analysis showed the differences in science learning achievement between experimental and control group (t=3,878; p<0,01), while the results of paired sample t-test analysis showed a difference between pretest and posttest scores of the experimental group (t=-9.298, p<0.01). These results indicate that Menggambar-Menceritakan Gambar method could improve fourth grader's science learning achievement.


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