Strategy to Increase Quality of Health Education in Boarding School Malang as Solution to Prevent Scabies

Yahmi Ira Setyaningrum • Endang Suarsini • Utami Sri Hastuti • M. Amin


Scabies is itch human skin disease caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei var. Hominis. The prevalence ofscabies in boarding school was relative high. That condition must be solves, because is frequentlyassociated with considerable morbidity, difficulties in concentration can lead to poor performance inschool. Therefore, health education is necessary to increase knowledge student, introduce scabies, andmotivated student behavior healthy that prevent spread and control of scabies in boarding school. The aimof this research: 1) describe prevalence scabies in boarding school Malang Raya,2) describe the student knowledge about scabies, 3) describe health education was done in boardingschool. The type of study is survey epidemiologic scabies. Total population is 4233 students with asample of the study were 410 students. The sampling technique on this research was random samplingmethod. The data were collected using interviews, observation and instrument test. The result of thisresearch: 1) the prevalence scabies in boarding school Malang Raya was 37.32%,2) the student knowledge were low, with average 57.73±16.84. The score minimal is 0, and the scoremaximal is 100. 3) Health education in boarding school not variation, and monotone. There was rulesrelated personal hygiene in boarding school. Counseling to promote knowledge students was done bylecture method, answer and question method. Quality of health education must be increased by somestrategy. There was variation method, using media which interest attention student.




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