Jaket Multifungsi “Victory's Bag” (Barang Bekas Kaya Kreativitas)

Herwiyanda Surya Saputra • Exwan Andriyan Verrysaputro • Wisnu Broto Wibowo • Tomi Pujiono


This entrepreneurship field-Student Creativity Program aims to create designs and to produce a multifunctional Jacket "Victory's Bag" (Creativity-Rich Used Goods) and find out its marketing strategies in order to get the big profit. There are several phases in the implementation of this program; those are the market survey, the production, and the marketing. "Victory's Bag" is a result of fusing two used goods-substances; those are jeans patchwork of used jackets and bags which has gone through modification process so that it can be used at the same time, in other words it becomes a Multifunction Bags-Jackets. The expected turnover of this entrepreneurship program is earning Rp. 3.500.000,- in a month of the implementation program; and will grow forward for the following month.




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