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Nurmanyah, Wawan
Conference paper None • December 2014


Stages - stages of software development guided by the existing system development methods, such as: SDLC, RAD, Spiral, Prototype and so this is how to build the software is focused and remain within the framework or core (core) of the development. Part Skripsi template that is provided by the institution through their departments - each corresponding field in computer science sometimes implied how the stages - stage process of the system development methods exist of the chapter or sub-chapter writing. The part that is not consistent is what removing step - step method of building / development of software for students glued to tamplate writing. Parts of the examples given in relation analysis method with existing tamplate This gives a consistent reference to keep students in the writing of that worn by the method - the method to build / develop software that is used like: SDLC, RAD, Spiral and Prototype. The results of the analysis of the relationship between methods of building / development software with tamplate writing this Skripsi gives also an illustration where appropriate method part in establishing or developing software.





  • Conference held in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia in 2014
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