Faktor-faktor yang Berhubungan dengan Gejala Kelelahan Mata (Asstenopia) pada Karyawan Pengguna Komputer Pt.grapari Telkomsel Kota Kendari

Abdul Rahim Sya’Ban • Rai Riski, I Made
Conference paper Seminar Nasional Bisnis dan Teknologi 2014 • December 2014

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Long-term computer use can be risk of astenopia. World Health Organitation (WHO) recorded that astenopia case in the world on average of 75% per year. The office workers who the users of computer technology is part of the highest risk category of astenopia, some studies indicate that 35-48% of office workers suffer astenopia. Some researchers indicate that astenopia symptoms appear in 75-90% of computer users beside the effects of stress according to the data of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This study aims to determine the factors associated with the case of eye fatigue of employee computer users PT Telkomsel Grapari Kendari through analytic methods of observation with cross sectional study. The samples of this study are 33 respondent of employees in Kendari Telkomsel Grapari. The results show that there is no association between age with symptoms of eye fatigue (ρValue value = 0.464> α), there is a correlation with the duration of exposure to eye fatigue (ρValue value = 0.000 <α), there is a relationship between the level of radiation of computer and eye fatigue (value ρValue = 0.03 <α), there is no relation between distance of monitor and eye fatigue (ρValue value = 0.346> α). Anti-radiation technology is required to anticipate telecommunications worker health problems, especially computer users.





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