Redesign the Competence Business Strategy of SME’s in Dealing WithASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Trade Liberalization 2015Case Studies: SME’s Creative Industry Sector in Bandung

Teddy Fauzi


The establishment of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) aims to form a single market as an implementation of trade liberalization. The existence of the AEC will impact directly to SME’s development in Indonesia in the future. There are approximately 8 million SME’s in West Java which one of them is creative industry sector. It plays very important part in overall growth of economy for years.Over twenty year’s period, between 1990-2010, creative industry sector of SME’s in Bandung is more focused on domestic market but by establishment of AEC, absolutely necessary redesign their competence business strategy in order to be able to take advantage new AEC market.To develop this creative industry it is believed that SME’s should solve their problems. There are 5 (five) major problems that are identified by the Department of Commerce for achievement in 2015. The five main issues are:(1) The quantity and quality of human resources; (2) Climate conducive to starting and running business; (3) Awards/appreciation for Indonesia’s creative personality; (4) Accelerating the growth of information and communication technology; (5) Financing institution that supports the creative industry’ (Natawiria: 3).In general, export most of our products still faced various problems such as capital cost and logistic are still high.In conclusion, the existence of the AEC will creates new paradigm and global challenges so that our SME’s products, including creative industry products created by SME’s in Bandug will compete with other products produced by other AEC members. Therefore, redesign competence business strategy of SME’s absolutely required.




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