Green Water Front sebagai Upaya Penanggulangan Banjir dan Tata Lingkungan Kumuh Daerah Aliran Sungai Ciliwung

Muhammad Hadi Muchlison • Rizqullah Nazih Naufal • Mario Norman Syah

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


River has strategic role as one of the natural resources that supports people's lives. Ciliwung has the most widespread impact during the rainy season because it flows through the center of the city of Jakarta and across many villages, dense housing and slums. This paper aims to formulate a concept for managing a slum neighborhood on the banks or Ciliwung watershed. This concept is supported by the main concept of the Green Water Front. Based on the results of our analysis, it is known that the low citizens living in the area Ciliwung River in maintaining the environment. To increase awareness of citizens in maintaining the environment, we carry a concept of Green Water Front, which is the core of this concept will change as the river behind the house into the river as the front of the house. So the river will be a point of interest. On this concept there will be a bridge crossing over the river which we call the bridge "Rhombus". The concept of Green Water Front will increase the interaction between people separated the river because of its function as well as bridges. The public rooms are located in the middle of the Green Water Front can serve as a plaza, children's playground, or farming. So that this concept can be implemented properly, it must be required cooperation from various parties including students and university, government, and communities around the watersheds that are subject to the application of this concept.





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