Exact Solutions for a Class of Matrix Riemann-Hilbert Problems

Najafabadi, Amir T. Payandeh • Kucerovsky,


Consider the matrix Riemann-Hilbert problem. In contrast to scalar Riemann-Hilbert problems, a general matrix Riemann-Hilbert problem cannot be solved in term of Sokhotskyi-Plemelj integrals. As far as the authors know, the only known exact solutions known are for a class of matrix Riemann-Hilbert problems with commutative and factorable kernel, and a class of homogeneous problems. This article employs the well known Shannon sampling theorem to provide exact solutions for a class of matrix Riemann-Hilbert problems. We consider matrix Riemann-Hilbert problems in which all the partial indices are zero and the logarithm of the components of the kernels and their nonhomogeneous vectors are functions of exponential type (equivalently, band-limited functions). Then, we develop exact solutions for such matrix Riemann-Hilbert problems. Several well known examples along with a remark on the case of functions not of exponential type are given.


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