Kajian Kualitas Fisik. Kimia dan Sensoris Susu Pasteurisasi pada Pasteurizer Berbeda.

Murti, Tridjoko W


The research was conducted to know the chemical, physical and sensorical Quality of the pasteurized milk using two different tools in the refrigerator storage.The milktakenfrom cows which milched in the morningthenpasteurizedusing twotoolsnamelyPADIRApateurizerandSafgardHomePasteurizer. Variablesobservedincludealcoholtest, density test, lipid content, acid degree value of lipid globular protein content, and sensorical test includen sweetned, acidity and rancidity degree. Density test, lipid content,acid degreevalue of lipid, globular protein congtent were analiyzed with split-splot design, but alcoholtest, sweetnedand aciditywere analyzedwithdescriptiveanalysisand rancidity(0.33% and 0.86%) were analyzedwithchi-square with kruskal-Wallis method. The results showed pasteurization on PADIRA Pasteurizerbetter than Safgard Homepasteurized.


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