Transplantasi Karang Ditubir pada Area Patahan Karang (Rubble) Bekas Pengeboman Ikan di Desa Sawapudo

Bobby Akhyan Almuqni • Haris Setiawan • La Ode Tamsil


This study to determine the success of transplantation techniques are directly applied to the area of rubble, the former fish bombing, to manipulate the substrate is unstable / shaky so it can be used as a medium for transplantation. Research is planned to last for 5 months. The research is based on completely randomized design with water depths as treatment. On nets placed at a depth of 3 meters in length t get the initial seed coral as follows: 73.2 mm, 54.6 mm, 103 mm, 74.5 mm, 83.7 mm, 110.4 mm, 51.2 mm, 67.8 mm 98.5 mm. t the beginning of this term would represent, a basic reference specimens to determine the growth rate of coral transplants.




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