Penerapan Softskill Siswa-siswi Eec (Effective English Course) Jombang sebagai Salah Satu Wujud Entrepeneurship Berkarakter

Endang Suciati • Binti Qani’Ah


Effective English Course (EEC) is one of the Leading English Courses in Jombang that emphasizes the implementation of many elements of characters in its language learning to their students. For example, in communicating both inside and outside the classroom, the students are not allowed to use impolite words to everyone in the course area. In other words, this institution has implemented both the elements soft skill than hardskill in its language learning. This study aims at determining the types of soft skills and its aplication in any activities that need this elements. The method used is qualitative descriptive. The data are collected by survey through interview and observation inside and outside the classroom. The result of the study showed that EEC has been implementing the elements of discipline, responsibility, politeness, honesty and confidence in the students' activity. All those elements lead to the rules of Islamic law. Besides, it concerns to tolerance so that non-Islamic students can be able to study English there.




Seminar Nasional Competitive Advantage 2012

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