Penggunaan Bidai Infus Bergambar untuk Meningkatkan Perilaku Adaptif Anak (Application Of A Pictorial Parenteral Splint O Improve Adaptive Behavior Or Children)

Adi Sugira Akari • Andi Yudianto • Mukhamad Rajin


Application of parenteral splint is commonly known to cause stress to children. To reduce the stress effect for children, a more friendly and attractive splint, such as a pictorial parenteral splint, could be designed for the treatment. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of  pictorial parenteral splint to improve adaptive behavioral of pre-school children. This study used Pretest-Posttest Control Group Design using 8 respondents for each group applied in purposive sampling technique. Statistical tests of the data (Wilcoxon test, with a = 0.05) resulted value of P = 0,09 for the control group and P = 0,01 for treated group. Test of between group (Mann-Whitney Test) yielded P = 0,012.  Overall data indicate that USAge of a pictorial parenteral splint significantly improve adaptive behavior of the children. Pictorial parenteral splint also generated interest and fascination to children which eventually reduce the stress level of children.




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