Science Club of Purwokerto Sebagai Sarana Meningkatkan Pola Pikir Ilmiah Pelajar Purwokerto

Muhammad Dwiyan Mukti • Rizki Fauzi Maulana • Rani Wulandari • Nael Huda Qonita

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 3 pages)


Nowadays, the existence of juvenile delinquency in Junior high level or even Senior high is uncontrollable. Whether it's brawl or even another way of naughtiness. they don't realize that its can destruct their future. Juvenile delinquency happens because there is no right place to express their creativity. Science Club (KIR), is a extracurricular that exist in senior high level. This extracurricular is focus on science, whether its exact or even social science. Science Club (KIR) in Regional level is very needed because it can be right place for teenager to interact with another student from different school and also minimalize juvenile delinquency.




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