Peran Perguruan Tinggi dalam Pemberdayaan Entrepreneurship untuk Mengembangkan Wirausahawan Kecil Menghadapi Persaingan Global

Wiwik Maryati


Alpha This article aims to describe the actual conditions faced by small entrepreneurs today and seeks to contribute ideas towards entrepreneurship development efforts. If look at current conditions, many small entrepreneurs who survive with businesses that they manage in conventional and yet there appears to enterprise development. It makes small entrepreneurs difficult to adapt in a competitive global environment. Low motivation to develop the business due to the difficulty factor of capital that can be overcome with entrepreneurship empowerment program. Entrepreneurship empowerment program carried out by providing facility is not only capital loan but also the ease of getting access to capital. Ease of access is what makes the big problem for small entrepreneurs. Solution to overcome these problem, the universities acts as a non-financial support institutions that ensure ease of access to capital. Through the fabric of cooperation between university and banks as sources of capital will facilitate the role of universities in mediating the access to capital.




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