Arsitektur Kota yang Berkepribadian

Franky Liauw
Conference paper Seminar Nasional Competitive Advantage 2012 • 2012 Indonesia


The architecture of building and city usually expected to reflect the characteristic of a tribe or nation. Every nation wants and prouds of a city with its own identity, different than other nations. In smaller scope, even every city and town in a country, have different characteristic. This architectural diversity is a national treasure that should be maintained. The openness of relationship between countries, including architectural practice from foreign architects in Indonesia, could threaten the cultural and architectural continuity in our cities. International architects will bring cultural influence and architectural characteristic across the country. Every city in the whole world will have same characteristic. Indonesian architect should have the ability to master local architecture and on the other hand should appreciate and willing to learn other countries culture when doing architectural practice in that country. This matter should contained and prepared in architectural education curriculum. Even though the openness between countries could not be refused, for the benefit of every country, there is a need for architectural regulations in every city that must be followed by every architect that does architectural practice there, local as well as International.




Seminar Nasional Competitive Advantage 2012

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