Penerapan Gilas (Teknologi Pengolahan Susu) Kambing di Desa Gunung Batin Udik Kecamatan Terusan Nunyai Kabupaten Lampung Tengah Propinsi Lampung

Darmawan Iswanto • M. Irsyan Maulana • Taufik Hidayah • Cyntia Martalena • Rangga Kurniawan


So far, we know the different types of milk usually consumed some of them milk cows, goats and horses. But most of us only consume cow's milk because it tastes sweet and a good source of vitamins and minerals contained in it are very high. But cow's milk that we consume every day that even though there are other content contained therein, but not much more with other milk that goat's milk has more health benefits compared to cow's milk can help prevent anemia (iron deficiency) and prevent removal of minerals on softening of bone or bone (demineralization) osteoporosis. In this regard, efforts to provide information and the application of technology acquired in the lecture bench with goat milk processing technology implementation. This extension activities carried out in the village of Gunung Batin Udik Terusan Nunyai District, Central Lampung Lampung Province. Farmers especially inner village Gunung Batin Udik Terusan Nunyai District Central Lampung not know how goat milk processing that adds value to the nutrition and income of farmers in the village of Gunung Batin Udik Terusan Nunyai District in particular and in general. Implementation of the activities carried out by way of: delivery of material on the use of goat's milk, how and materials to be used in the processing of goat milk, practicing how to manufacture dairy goats with a pasteurized goat's milk, goat's milk yogurt, and provide time for discussion and consultation with farmers.




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