Implementasi Etika Bisnis Islam pada Pedagang di Bazar Madinah Depok

Fitri Amalia


Market concept as in the time of Prophet Muhammad applied to the Pasar Madinah. Pasar Madinah or which currently known as the Bazaar Madina, is running a trading activity based on Shariah principles. Implementation of islamic business ethics is always monitored by a supervisory agency, so that things that violate value , principle and ethics islamic by traders can be avoided . The purpose of this research is to know how the implementation of Islamic business ethics for the seller/ trader in the Bazaar Madinah Depok. This research is the kind of case study research by the method of survey. Research conducted in the form of a descriptive study using literature as well as take primary data in the form of filling the questionnaires and interviews. There are some indicators that can be used to measure the islamic business ethics, which includes four aspects: principles, management, marketing/advertising and product/price. The respondents had to be in this research is all seller/ traders in the Bazaar Madinah Depok .




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