Analisis Kualitas Jasa Layanan Universitas Pesantren Tinggi Darul ‘Ulum dengan Metode Servperf dalam Kesiapan Menghadapi Persaingan Regional

Sujarwo Sujarwo


University of Pesantren Darul ‘Ulum (UNIPDU) Jombang is an institution of higher education in Jombang. Number of educational institutions that emerged today, as a reference to UNIPDU to improve service quality to match the expectations of consumers (students) so it's ready to face regional competition. For that we need to evaluate the quality of service in UNIPDU. Assessment of quality of service is intended to determine the attributes and levels of customer satisfaction with quality of service attributes. Servperf method for determining the quality of the service by simply measuring the performance of services. Data processing techniques include early identification of attributes and then determine the strengths and weaknesses of service with the quadrant analysis. Based on calculations in Servperf method, attribute the desire of consumers who are included in quadrant A (priority) which shows that the wish list of consumers who have a high level of importance, but it still shows the performance (satisfaction) is lacking. In the face of regional competition UNIPDU should pay attention to the needs of consumers, particularly the factors that are important but not satisfaction.




Seminar Nasional Competitive Advantage 2011

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