Penggunaan Framework Cisco Sebagai Kerangka Penerapan Teknologi Cloud Computing Pada Perguruan Tinggi

-, Wahono
Conference paper None • December 2014


Cloud computing technology is very popular today, many organizations and institutions earnestly interested to use it. Reasons of efficiency and effectiveness to be one of the main considerations, in serving the management of information systems management with a larger scale. Universities as institutions engaged in higher education, has a service with the scalability and segmentation pegguna wide. It is appropriate to consider the use of cloud computing technology as the basis of his ministry. Some vendors have provided a framework for cloud computing as a framework mengimplentasikannya, one of which is a framework that is released by Cisco. The concept of cloud computing implementation designed using the framework cisco in college is aplicable and in accordance with the characteristics of high perfuruan information systems.





  • Conference held in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia in 2014
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